4 Reasons why sustainable sunglasses are a better choice.

Johan Charlier

Posted on July 13 2018

4 Reasons why sustainable sunglasses are a better choice.

You can find sunglasses in all shapes, materials and prices. Some are handmade, others are mass produced. Some are made in Europe or the US and others are mass produced in Asia. You can choose sunnies based on the price, the color,  the shape, etc. but you can also make a choice based on their ecological and human footprint.

OODZY sunglasses are micro produced in Europe and are de facto made in a sustainable environment with respect to human and nature. We also believe that there are 5 good reasons to buy these sustainable sunglasses. 

Reason 1: They can have a fair price

Although OODZY sunglasses are produced in Europe they can have the same price range as mass produced sunglasses from Asia that are not sustainable. Our mark up is less then well known brands who choose to outsource their production to Asia. OODZY can therefore offer sustainable sunglasses for a competitive price.

Reason 2: You instantly feel good

Who doesn't want to feel good when buying something? Knowing that what you buy does not harm nature, humans or animals makes you feel good immediately. It's your small contribution to a better world. 

Reason 3: The quality is outstanding

OODZY sustainable sunglasses are produced in Europe and therefore have European quality standards. This means that they are ISO and CE certified and are made respecting European laws for safety of the frames and glasses. You don't have to worry about you're eyes ;) 

Reason 4: Support European craftmanship. 

OODZY sunglasses are crafted by real specialized craftsmen. They are designed in Belgium and crafted in different European countries. By doing so we support our local economy and expertise. Also the sunglasses traveled less around the world and have smaller ecological footprint

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