5 reasons why you get a better deal shopping sunglasses online

Johan Charlier

Posted on August 26 2018

5 reasons why you get a better deal shopping sunglasses online

Shopping online is very common these days. Some online retailers like Zalando and Aboutyou don't even have a physical store anymore. The online shopping process is simple and straightforward. We buy a lot online without even coming out of bed. Nowadays we even buy sunglasses online although there's no way to try them on. But buying our sunglasses online have some real advantages

1. You can get the same quality sunglasses but cheaper!

Without the logistic costs and other costs related to a brick and mortar store sunglasses can be bought for a better price. Margins are lower and you can always benefit from the best price. An online price will always be lower than in physical stores.

2. Easy returns.

No hassle with bills that went missing or long trips back to the store. Shopping online means easy returns. Just pack the glasses, print the label that we send you and we cover the cost for the return. It's that easy. 

3. No crowds!

Shopping like a king or queen without others bothering you? That’s like a dream coming true! No waiting in line and no overcrowded shops with horrible music.

4. It’s more ecological

Although we send all the sunglasses in a separate box to you it’s still more ecological then buying them in brick and mortar. No extra bags and you skip a step in the delivery process. The sunglasses go straight from our warehouse to you doorstep.

5. Comparing is easier

In only a few clicks you can compare our sunglasses with a lot of other models and brands. You don’t have to pass by different shops and take pictures of every model you like!


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