5 ways to make sure you own quality sunglasses

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Posted on April 22 2018

 tips to check the quality of sunglasses

Sunglasses come in a variety of shapes, colours, materials, and build quality. Some will break after two days and others will last a lifetime. From high-end, acetate frames to the pair of cheap plastic sunnies you bought on holiday because you forgot your normal ones: how do you assess the quality of your eyewear? Read our 5 tips below and never again buy a pair of sunglasses you’ll regret owning almost immediately. 

Tip 1: Price is an indicator

Although price isn’t everything when it comes to defining the quality of a pair of sunglasses, it is safe to assume a 6 USD pair bought on a street corner in Bali will probably not last forever. These imitation products generally do not benefit from the best quality control. As a rule of thumb, prices from 30 USD/EUR and above are an indicator your glasses are ok.  

Tip 2: Made in Europe or the US: a mark of quality

Not sure if your sunglasses are UV protected? By buying from less reputable sources, it can be very hard to tell your eyes are really protected. Buy from established brands or have your sunglasses tested for UV protection by an optometrist.  

Tip 3: Look for blackberries

Not sure about the quality of your sunglasses? Check them for blackberries. Sunglasses need to be polished and checking them for blackberries is a sure sign of dodgy manufacturing.  

Tip 5:Check the hinges

Always check the hinges of any pair of sunglasses before you buy themTraditional riveted hinges are of good quality, whereas pressed hinges are cheaper, though faster to manufacture. 

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