What is a fair price for handmade sunglasses?

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Posted on May 01 2018

What is a fair price for handmade sunglasses?

How much you should, or are willing, to pay for a pair of sunglasses is largely dependent on your own preference. Are you a fan of long established, high-end name brands? If so, you are likely to pay more than you would for a pair bought on a beach while on holiday. Is it worth forking out hundreds of Dollars or Euros? Here a few things to consider when purchasing your next handmade sunglasses. 

Know who is making your eyewear 

80 % of all sunglasses are manufactured by two companies. Between them, they own most of the recognised fashion brands like Ray Ban, Prada, Gucci, Armani, etc. And since these two companies merged, they’ve become the biggest fashion retailer in the world, producing, distributing and selling glasses. 

This monopoly allows for them to take huge margins and command the price they want. As they control the market, any brand of sunglasses you find on the market is likely by the same company. While the product quality can’t be denied, the price

Where are your sunnies made? 

The country of origin can also impact your eyewear’s retail value. Sunglasses manufactured in Asia are likely cheaper than the ones produced in Europe or the US, but the quality can’t be ascertained. European or American made glasses come with more guarantees that high-end products are being used in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the manufacturing environment will likely be fairer as per European and American employment laws. 

Good eyewear at a good price? Go for independent manufacturers 

One way to both ensure you are paying a fair price and are buying a quality product is to inform yourself and look for smaller, independent manufacturers. At Oodzy, we believe in excellent quality products for a fair price. Our sunglasses are manufactured with the best elements to ensure years of use. Choosing for independent brands like Oodzy is choosing for a product suited to your unique look and personality. Pay less and enjoy more. 

Why don’t you browser our online store to find your pair of sunnies today. For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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