Why settle for fake branded sunglasses when there are so many amazing alternatives?

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Posted on April 10 2018

Ray Ban is real or fake?


When it comes to sunglasses, it is so easy to just fall in the counterfeit trap and buy knock-off sunglasses. But is it worth knowing deep down that it is not the real deal when there are so many amazing and durable alternatives available to you right ? 

Ray Ban is probably the most popular brand of sunglasses on the planet. Take the Wayfarer, for instance. It is a timeless piece of quality eyewear that is sold around the world and adored by people on all sides of the fashion spectrum. When you purchase Ray Bans, you are given a certificate of authenticity that guarantees you have purchased a genuine product. 

But then, there are fake Ray Bans. The ones that can be purchased for a paltry sum of money off some guy on a beach in Thailand. If you’re not the beach-going type, you can even purchase imitation sunglasses online. 

It’s all about the money 


So, why do people buy imitation Ray Ban? It’s simple: they want to show off their amazing sunglasses without having to pay the price said sunglasses cost. Buying these Ray Bans without a certificate means you’re never going to know for certain you’ve purchased a genuine pair, no matter how intently you’ve scrutinised the official website to see if you can spot any differences between what you’ve purchased and sunglasses you know are real. If you’re willing to go to all that trouble because you want the authentic experience, you might as well buy the authentic product. 


Viable alternatives if you want quality sunglasses 

Or, you can be smart and look out for smaller brands whose products won’t break the bank, without having to give in on quality and style. There are myriad of manufacturers and suppliers that offer the type of sunglasses that fit you, your personality, and your sense of style. Instead of following the pack, why don’t you branch out and become a trendsetter? 

Oodzy designs their sunglasses right here in Belgium and has them manufactured in Europe. This ensures our trendy frames are of the highest build quality, while we generate work by using local resources. Buying a pair of Oodzy sunglasses is making a fashion statement and helping the local economy and environment thrive.  

Isn’t that much better than those fake Ray Bans? 

Why don’t you check out the Oodzy web store for your next pair of trendy, fair trade sunglasses? Do not hesitate to give us a shout if you have any more questions about our product. 

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