How can we offer sustainable premium sunglasses for lower prices?

Patrick Van Herk

Posted on February 06 2019

How can we offer sustainable premium sunglasses for lower prices?

Sunglasses aren't difficult to find. You can find them literally in every store. They come in various amount of shapes and colors. They also come in low and very low quality. On the other hand you can find a lot of sunglasses from very good quality. Crafted in the US or Europe.  The only problem is or was the price. They don't come cheap or even affordable. 

Lately some companies where founded that offer affordable sunglasses under 100 dollar or euro's. They provided costumers with an alternative for the very expensive premium eye wear market. Quality and prices are ok, but the lower profit margins prevented them form offering more sustainable sunglasses Made in Italy or US. They still offer sunglasses and glasses build in Asia

So how are we able to offer these lower prices to customers? 

Reason 1: We design and process everything ourself

The whole design process is done in house. We are a small team and design, sell, photograph and  process everything locally in Belgium. No fees are wasted from design to production. We meet locally with our producers and manage everything our self. 

Reason 2: We sell on our own. 

We sell and distribute solely on our own. This keeps the margins and selling price low. No money is wasted on expensive sales teams and external agents 

Reason 3: We sell online 

We sell online. This makes that we don't need the huge profit margins that brick and store companies need to keep the business running. The main disadvantage of not been able to test the products is at the same time the biggest advantage. Prices are lower and no money is wasted on logistics. 

Reason 4: We split the margin

Sunglasses should't be that expensive. Italian made sunglasses can be offered at a reasonable price. This means that profit margins are lower for us, but as long as it is a reasonable amount we can still offer this lower price. This way we keep costumers happy. 

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