How not to screw up when you buy sunglasses online

Patrick Van Herk

Posted on May 30 2018

How not to screw up when you buy sunglasses online

Shopping online is great, correct? You can buy T-shirts, shoes, hats, bags without even coming out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning. Shirts, pants and shoes all come with a size chart.  Sunglasses are the only exception. There are size charts, but hey who understands these things? And who is going to measure his own head when he secretly is buying a pair while in a meeting at work :) 

But when you keep some small things in mind you avoid screwing up when you buy sunglasses online. 

Rule number 1:Opposites attract.

Find out the shape of your face and see which frame can fit you the best  Click here to test. 

Then try to pick a frame that's not the same shape as your face. 

  • You have an oval face? Every frame will fit you really :) (75%) of the people
  • Round face? Rectangular and square frames are going to be the most flattering.
  • Square face?Try rounded or cat-eye styles.
  • Heart-shaped face if...: Aviators and other rimless styles... 
  • You have an long face Oversized styles are likely going to be the most flattering on you.

Rule number 2: Get used to the style

Every style is different and sometimes you need a bid more time to adjust to a style. You feel good about it but you still ask other peoples advise. Listen to it but keep your own personal style. That's what makes you unique.

Rule number 3

First choice is probably the best. You choose sunglasses because you like them and not because they have certain technical aspects attached to it. It's not a car, but still it takes you to different places and you have to feel good about it. It's a matter of taste and 99 % of the time your first choice was the best 

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