About us

oodzy is a Belgian eyewear brand that was founded by Dierik & Hafsa, a young couple from Antwerp. We specialize in fairly made and fairly priced luxury sunglasses.

We started the company when we came back from a trip to the Philippines. After one of our snorkeling trips (diving is so scary 😜) I (Dierik) lost my designer sunglasses while cleaning my snorkeling gear. Needless to say I felt pretty bad about it. It wasn't exactly the cheapest pair around. 😒

Anyway, after spending the rest of the trip squinting my eyes we headed back to Belgium. Normally weather in Belgium is pretty terrible  but we took the good weather with us this time. My sunglasses were gone, I was still squinting my eyes and people thought I had a malfunction.😂 So it was time to look for a nice pair of new quality sunglasses. Preferably locally crafted in Europe (we are a bid socially conscious). Preferably not as expensive as my lost sunglasses. (I would lose them again probably). Preferably the same quality as my previous sunglasses

Turned out we could't find it 😫 It was either made from low quality materials in Asia or super expensive Made In Italy. They also had 1 other thing in common. They weren't sustainable or socially conscious at all! None of those companies actually did something back for the community. 

That's the reason we started of on our own and try to make an eyewear brand that's of high quality, still affordable and yet sustainable. 

Oh, and we donate 5% of of our profits to charity. 

(Random pic of ourselves😜🤗)


Company code of conduct.

Fairly made in Europe

We have the commitment that our glasses our fairly made in Europe. We checked all our suppliers  for Non-discrimination (including a gender equality policy), Forced labour, Child labour , Employee health & safety, Freedom of association / collective bargaining , Anti-corruption and bribery and Tax evasion   

oodzy gives back to people in need

We make a commitment of giving something back to try and change the world a little bid. One small step at the time, one pair of glasses at the time. That's also why we donate 2% of our profits to charity. (soon more info on that one)

Unique products, just as yourself

We are not mass produced and our sunglasses are unique and of impeccable build qualitywith only the best materials being used. This makes them durable and ready for everyday use.  

Your sunglasses should be a representation of who you are. So, browse our selection and order your oodzy sunglasses online today and start making a change.

As unique as you are, so are our products. No matter what your look is, no matter what your tastes are: these are sunglasses for every occasion. Be amazed, be amazing. That’s it!