How it's made

oodzy sunglasses are made in Europe in a fair way with respect to humans and nature. We chose to produce in Europe because only this gave us the  guarantee that all the sunglasses are made with an eye for detail and are from impeccable quality build. Our materials are locally sourced and manufactured.

Hereby we want to give you an insight on how oodzy sunglasses are made and what makes them unique.

We use 5 barrel hinges 

Barell hinges

oodzy sunglasses are made with 5 barrel quality hinges. Depending on the model we use rivet hinges or regular hinges. All hinges come from  European producers like VisotticaIdeal or OBE. Embedding these hinges require absolute craftsmanship. The metals being used are sourced form European based companies.  They are the real deal and only available in high quality eyewear

Made from Italian Mazuchelli acetate 

mazuchelli acetate

75 % of our sunglasses are made from Italian acetate made by Mazzucchelli.  Acetate is made from cellulose material like pulp form trees. Because of the basic material being used it's the most ecological material for sunglasses. By using Italian made acetate we make sure that also the production methods and waste materials are disposed correctly. Acetate is the strongest and most durable material for making sunglasses. Sunglasses made form acetate material come at a higher cost but still oodzy manages to offer a fair price for them compared to the competition.  

Made from renewable polymers plastic

oodzy sunglasses

25 % of our sunglasses are made from polymers plastics Mainly Cellulose Tenite®, made from 100% renewable softwood materials., or Grilamid®, Megol®. Although less ecological the European production guarantees not only the quality standards but also the ecological standards of production. 


Yes your sunglasses are handmade! That means that your sunglasses are made by an actual person who's income depends on it. It's made by people who are experts in making the highest quality eyewear. It's a profession that takes years to master. They are crafting your sunglasses with the best care. Because every oodzy model is unique they know perfectly what they crafted and they are proud about it. (video from blog David Kind)

Locally made in Europe

Your sunglasses are made by local people. They are paid with European standards and are also proud of what they do. Buy local and make a change.!